SWC-100S Single Wire Broadband HF Dipole Antenna 34m - Bushcomm

SWC-100S is a compact 5~30MHz centre fed HF Broadband Antenna based on the popular SWC-100.
Sales price: $ 395.00

The SWC-100S is the shorter version of the popular SWC-100 antenna, for those with less space. Also a single wire designed for base use it is a broadband antenna, covering the frequency range of 5-30MHz without a tuner.

As with the majority of Bushcomm antennas, the SWC-100S can be adapted to suit various sites. It can be suspended (the higher the better) between any two points.

The SWC-100S is 34m long, however, where space is further limited, the SWC-100S can be set up as an inverted "v" from either of the two sets of mounting points. At a mast height of 10m, this set up will need an average of 23m in horizontal space.


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