SWC-100C Single Wire High Power Broadband HF Dipole Antenna 48m - Bushcomm

The SWC-100C is a HEAVY duty single wire HF broadband antenna. 125w continuous (3.5 ~ 30mhz)
Sales price: $ 495.00

The SWC-100C is a high quality HEAVY DUTY single wire antenna designed for base use. 


* Easy Installation (instructions provided)

* UV Resistant balun/load boxes

* 125W Continuous Data / 250 Watts PEP


The original SWC's that were first made over a decade ago are still going strong and have continually been improved and refined to ensure higher quality and durability than ever before . One of the latest developments is the evolution of the balun box to incorporate anchor points, as opposed to using additional anchor bolts, heightening the structural integrity. The SWC-100C is 48m long, however, where space is limited, the SWC-100C can be set up as an inverted "v" from either of the two sets of mounting points. At a mast height of 10m, this setup will need an average of 33m space.




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