SWE-100P End Fed HF Broadband Dipole With Quick Deploy Kit

NEW MODEL: SWE-100P HF Broadband Antenna Single Wire End Fed Antenna with Quick Deployment Kit

The SWE-100P is a single wire end fed HF broad-band antenna designed for quick deployment, it replaces the SWE-100K. The new "P" version is made using soft stainless wire and comes on a handy winder for quick deployment and storage. Perfect for S.O.T.A. activators, field days and anywhere quick hassle free comms are required.  

 SWE-100P package1

The SWE-100P, is an SWE-100 antenna supplied with a Quick Deployment Kit. It includes all accessories required for quick deployment use anytime.

The Quick Deployment Kit includes:

* 27m physical length. 

* Main radiating material: 304 grade 7 x 19 stainless steel

* 5m RG58 Coax cable
* Stainless steel earth stake
* 10 metres of nylon cord (supplied with winder and throw weight)
* Crocodile clip earthing clamp
* 200mm Velcro wrapping strap
* Two nylon snap hooks
* Laminated instruction sheet
* Heavy duty carry bag

It has a frequency range of 3.5-30MHz without the need for a tuner.

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