Mil 2 - Portable Light Weight HF Antenna

The Bushcomm Tactical HF Broadband Dipole has been designed specifically for military and quick deployment.
The Bushcomm broadband dipole has been designed to meet the needs of a large range of deployment situations, inverted "V", horizontal or end feed. The antenna is highly efficient with excellent VSWR properties. Mil2 New
This portable light weight antenna only weighs 1250 grams. It is constructed using a Kevlar cored, PVC covered, copper braid cable, which can be quickly wound around the moulded winders.
It comes in a handy and durable bag and is supplied with a 5m RG58 cable fitted with a UHF male connector, two tie cords and a blackened s/steel earth stake.This end fed antenna is a multi band and covers frequencies between 3.6~30 MHz. All that is required to start transmitting is a radio. No tuner is required.
Mil2 Specs 
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