BA-40B Mono Band Antenna

40 metre mono band antenna with 1:1 Balun. Made from 316 marine grade stainless steel
Sales price: $ 139.00
Manufacturer: Bushcomm Amateur


Please note: The above pictures of the antenna is a short wire mock up for photo purposes.


Bushcomm, a name long associated with commercial grade antennas now manufacture here in Australia a complete range of Amateur products. This kit features stainless steel braided wire which will not corrode or stretch and move off frequency.


The BA-40B is a monoband dipole antenna of 20 metres physical length. It differs from the BA-40 in two ways, first it comes with a 1:1 Balun and second it is mounted to the radiating wires with two carabinas. Should a change out ever be required this is now made easy.


It can be mounted “inverted V” for limited space application. The antenna comes with an extra 10% (min) wire length so as final tuning can be performed after installation for the best possible performance in your location.


This antenna is assembled and only needs tuning after installation.



 Specifications and hardware: 


* 7mhz 

* 316 stainless carabinas for quick change out

* Coax strain relief point 

* 22 metres of 316 marine grade 49 / 7x7 braided wire (extra length for tuning)

Stainless 316 hardware

* Copper ferrules nickel plated

* Can be mounted “inverted V” 

10 metres of nylon rope for mounting

12 month warranty